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Melvita helps women who work in the argan oil industry to develop a sustainable beekeeping business that provides them with an additional source of income.

Beekeeping has long been traditionally practiced by men, but now this tradition is threatened by the disappearance of bees and the drop in production. Through the argan oil women's cooperatives, beekeeping in Morocco is being given a new lease of life. 

A partnership between the NGO Man & Nature and Melvita began in 2015. It led to the development of a community-building project focused on financing the purchase of hives and providing beekeeping training for women in the argan industry.

Djamila Idbourrous, UCFA (union of women's argan oil cooperatives)

"Beekeeping is a wonderful way to diversify the activities of our cooperatives. It enables the women to earn an additional income, which helps to give them greater autonomy within their households." 

SINCE 2015:

• 240 women given training

• 200 beehives set up

• 10 million bees given a home at the heart of the argan oil cooperatives in the regions of Essaouira and Taroudant

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