Pulpe de Rose

For the first time, Melvita Research has combined fruits of the wild rose, known for their extremely rich Vitamin C content, with moisturizing and revitalizing wild rose petals. Together, these ingredients help skin visibly fight the early signs of aging: first wrinkles and loss of radiance.

Aqueous extract of rose petals stimulates the expression of aquaporins (AQP3) – proteins found in cell membranes that are responsible for ensuring good circulation of water at the heart of the skin. The rose hip, the fruit of the wild rose, boasts many benefits.
In addition to its energizing sugars and antioxidant components (flavonoids, phenols and tannins), it has a spectacular Vitamin C content: 30 times higher than that of an orange!
The anti-fatigue effect of this fruit gives a real boost to microcirculation.