Bellis perennis

  • Bath & Shower

    The daisy loves sunshine. It comes into flower in the light of the day and closes its petals in rainy weather and as night falls. Indeed, this phenomenon is what earned it the name of daisy, from the ancient Anglo-Saxon words for "day's eye".

  • Body & Hands

    Daisy flowers used in macerated oil come from Croatia Those used in extract come from Macedonia

  • Description

    When macerated in oil and used in cosmetic products, Bellis perennis helps improve skin firmness and elasticity. It is best known for its action to help firm the bust. Bellis extract helps to reduce the production of natural pigment (melanin) and slows its transfer to keratinocytes. Along with four other active ingredients derived from plants with white flowers, it forms a complex with brightening properties to boost radiance, reveal a more even-toned complexion, and enhance skin's beauty and luminosity.