Chamomilla recutita

  • Bath & Shower

    "True chamomile" is the most well-known and widely used wild chamomile. It grows naturally in North America and Australia, and is also found in abundance in central Europe, where it is very popular, hence its name "German chamomile". These days, it is grown in eastern Europe, the Balkans and South America. It is also called "matricaria chamomile", from the Latin "matrix" (womb, uterus), which refers to its use as an emmenagogue. It stands out from other types of chamomile with its hollow flower receptacle.

  • Body & Hands

    The german chamomile flowers used in exttracts come from Croatia. Those used in essential oil come from Hungary

  • Description

    German chamomile extracts have soothing properties and can be used in solution to gently remove make-up and reduce eye puffiness. The essential oil and extracts of this plant are known for their softening properties and are suitable for dry and sensitive skin. They are also used in hair care products and particularly products for blonde hair, to boost radiance and give beautiful light reflections.