Our ranges


Floral waters: MELVITA’s floral waters are extracted by distilling flowers or leaves and are naturally rich in active ingredients.

Plant oils: recommended for facial and body care, MELVITA plant oils and oily macerates are precious ingredients of authentic natural cosmetics.

■ Shea butters: MELVITA shea butter is harvested in Burkina Faso and extracted by mechanical pressing without the use of solvents.

■ Apicosma: a rich, generous and very natural range, Apicosma combines the qualities of products from the hive with the very latest discoveries in plant cosmetics.

■ Bio-Excellence: Bio-Excellence offers the quintessence of MELVITA’s cosmetic know-how in a rich cocktail of flowers and fruits and is sold in pharmacies and drugstores.

The Essentials -face care, body care and hygiene: a range of care and hygiene products, MELVITA’s The Essentials care products provide the answer to all your cosmetic needs.

Melvita for men: an attractive line for men, taking the tree as its central theme.

■ Capiforce: the Capiforce range of hair care products is rich in rare, effective tropical plants and combines technical sophistication and naturalness with innovative techniques.

■ Algascience: the Algascience range is highly concentrated in active marine ingredients, offering all the natural treasures of the sea and providing maximum effectiveness for slimming and body well-being.

Eaux de toilette: MELVITA’s Eaux de Toilette are made from natural alcohol and guaranteed to contain no nitromusk or polycyclic musk. They come in a range of delicate, sensuous fragrances.

Soaps: designed on a plant base and enriched with Shea, you can find the traditional hexagonal soaps made with MELVITA honey along with our famous square scented soaps.

Beehive products: with the benefit of its beekeeping experience, MELVITA offers a broad selection of beehive products (honey, honey candies, pollen...).